About Us

About Us

Elderberry Syrup Mamas was founded by a nurse and mama to who wanted to help her kiddos stay healthy. As a nurse, she knew the beneficial properties of the Elderberry plant could help, and got right to work making syrup. She spent months over a stove perfecting the recipe that customers have fallen in love with!

Now, Misti is carrying the baton of Elderberry Syrup Mamas.

About Misti

I am a mama raising 2 beautiful girls and a fur-baby named Rizzo with the man of my dreams. I grew up very mainstream with little influences in natural living so when I became pregnant with my first child, I wanted to do everything I could to nurture my family as naturally as possible. I have a passion for inspiring and providing wellness for others, and can’t wait to share that with you through our products here at Elderberry Syrup Mamas!

Our Elderberry Products

Our Promise

Our products have zero preservatives and nothing artificial. It’s made with high quality all natural, organic ingredients and we use local honey from bees in Wilmington and Hampstead (or organic agave for those that prefer otherwise). Our product is also refrigerated immediately after production to maintain its freshness. Stay tuned for new locations and products as we expand!

Why Elderberries?

Elderberries have been shown to be wonderful immune boosters. They can aid in fighting the common cold and flu but they also may aid in weight loss, skin issues. I even had a customer confess it helped her eyes! Elderberry syrup is a staple in my household now. Anytime my 2.5 year old is feeling sick she tells me “I need my edda-bewwy suwwup”.